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22 Jan, 2018 Radikal Darts Machines available Queensland

Radikal Darts Machines available Queensland Purchase heavily discounted Radikal Darts machines which are now suplus to our customers needs. Available in Queensland quantity units are available for immediate pickup.

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About Radikal Darts

The revolution in electronic darts!

Radikal Darts is the most advanced electronic dart machine in the market and opens a whole universe of game possibilities and competition formulas.

Radikal Darts is a dart Machine from Gaelco. The machine has two in built cameras, sensors, and a laser which measures the exact throwing distance. If the player steps over the laser line, that throw will automatically be considered invalid. Players can play in online mode and verse other players in real time across the globe, and are able to see their opponent and their throws via the in built camera.

Radikal Darts is the first and only dart machine to allow tournaments to be played without the presence of a referee. The game has a remote refereeing system (RRS) that prevents players from cheating. When connected to the internet, the RRS uploads game data and video to a dedicated server and analyzes and validates the information.

The machine also has a card reader system that allows players to register their own player cards. Players are able to enter their cards and the machine will recognize them immediately.

Panoramic 19" TFT Screen Vandal free keyboard Player's Card 2 strategically built in cameras laser which accurately measures the exact throwing distance.

Live Tournaments
View Player Stats online

Radikal Darts makes it easy to set up and run tournaments - and best of all operators do not even have to be present during the games! The software of Radikal Darts manages all the information, player data, results, and categories automatically.
Tournaments can be set up on a single machine for local play at a particular venue, or can be set up with participants from any machines connected to the Radikal Darts network - both locally and internationally.
Players can keep up to date with the latest tournament results through a participating Radikal Dart machine, and operators can track all tournament information remotely through a computer in real time.

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Live Updates / Remote Management
Upload movies remotely from your PC

Operators can remotely manage their machines from any computer connected to the internet! The Radikal Darts software allows you to remotely access machines, add tournaments, download player information, control gameplay modes, and much more. Operators can also use the software to upload gameplay videos, advertisements, announcements or anything you like onto the 19" TFT Monitor - all without the need to visit the machine on location.
Once logged into the Radikal Darts remote management software, operators are able to get up to the minute details about each individual machine that they currently operate. Machines can be refreshed in real time, giving you the most up to date information possible.

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